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Switzerland is famous not only for its banks, ski resorts, watches, and chocolate but glorious gaming houses also. Switzerland always lures hunters for money. Jet set of the country gathers in gaming houses to let the hard-earned money go down the drain. Fatal women, rich men with stuffed wallets, well-groomed croupiers and ordinary luck hunters are its regular visitors. Despite fatal mistakes, everyone wants to hit the jackpot.

History of Switzerland casinos

During its history, Swiss Constitution was repeatedly changed in the part of conducting and legalizing gambling. The new Law on gambling and gambling houses came into the force only in 2000. Switzerland consists of cantons, administrative-territorial units. Until the mid-seventies of the XIX century, the cantons decided the fate of gambling in their territory.

But there was a legal incident. Neither in the Constitution nor in federal laws there was no concept of “gambling house”. The authorities turned a blind eye to gambling. The casino in the full sense was not, but there were institutions where citizens could play in baccarat.  Amendments to the Constitution on gambling were adopted more than once until the Law on gambling mentioned above became effective. By the way, there were no bans on the opening of gaming establishments by foreigners, so the Swiss gambling business is willingly invested both by the French and Austrians.

Switzerland has one of the highest casino’s coefficients per capita. They are divided into classes, and only 7 gaming houses have the highest class “A” and 12 have the class “B”. The higher the class, the more part of its profits the establishment gives to the state. Only the most untwisted gambling houses have the class “A”.

Top – 5 gaming establishments of Switzerland

  • Casino Lugano. Casino Lugano was a theatrical building once formally known as Kursaal Theater. The gaming house became the venue for the first “Eurovision” in 1956. Originally, there was a café with a gaming hall, and later a restaurant was opened.  The administration of the theater acquired a license for gambling and Kursaal Theatre was renamed only in 1912.

    Former Kursaal Theatre is located on the shore of the picturesque lake in the center of Lugano. The minimalist exterior and futuristic interior of the establishment dictate the manner of behavior. All gaming tables are concentrated on the second floor. Here you can play American Roulette, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Punto Banco. Casino Lugano hosts the famous Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments.

  • Casino de Campione. This one is usually called the island of Italy in Switzerland. It is located in the city of Campione d’Italia and represents an Italian enclave on the shore of the lake of Lugano. The history of this gambling establishment is incredibly It was founded in 1917 and became a meeting place of diplomats ideally suited gathering any information. Nowadays, this biggest gambling house in Europe is owned by the Italian government, and it is managed by the municipality.

    The new casino’s building covers an area of ​​55,000 meters. There is a three-level parking lot, tables for poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and more than five hundred slot machines. Casino di Campione is considered quite a democratic place: entrance and parking are free, the dress code is almost non-existent, but the age limit is preserved.

  • Casino Barrière. Casino Barrière is the ideal place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of the world of fun! This gaming house has the class “A” license. This means that it can hold large games and the number of bets here is unlimited.

    The gaming house is located on the shores of Lake Geneva where you are able to contemplate an unforgettable view of the lake and the Alps. The gaming house occupies an area of ​​10,000 square meters. All visitors enjoy fashionable restaurants, bars, several terraces, a swimming pool, as well as a separate room for poker lovers, 24 gambling tables and 381 slot machines on the territory of the Casino Barrière.

  • Grand Casino Luzern. Grand Casino Luzern is located on the shores of the Lake of Four Cantons and is a stylishly decorated original play area. After opening in 1882, it immediately was overgrown with clientele. The gaming establishment in a neo-baroque manner is one of the main epicenters of the Lucerne nightlife. In this majestic building is a gambling establishment with gaming tables for poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat.

    This place can surprise you not only with the casino. Here is also the famous night club “Casineum”, which hosts all kinds of parties and concerts and “Olivio” an Italian restaurant which enjoys fame and demand.  At the entrance, a person needs to be above 18 years and submit a document confirming the age of the visitor.

  • Moevenpick Hotel & Casino. This establishment is both hotel and gambling house. Despite the fact that the hotel is located near the airport, free shuttle buses run every 15 minutes to it and this still be one of the main advantages.

    Moevenpick Hotel & Casino is a comfortable hotel without any frills and a sample of Swiss solidity and reliability. Doubtless, the establishment is in high demand of the tourists. This place offers a hair dryer, tea, coffee, iron, TV, free Wi-Fi, telephone, two restaurants, fitness room, free breakfast included in the price.

Future of gaming houses in Switzerland

Despite the diversity of Swiss resorts, sightseeing tours, and other show places, casino tours became extremely popular among tourists. An unlimited liberty of gambling activity rose with the application of the self-titled Law. By the way, the game business covered the whole country. As a result, the more money it transfers to the state, the more prosperous it becomes.

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