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Taking advantage of the glory of the most gorgeous and renowned establishment, Swiss casino Zürich remains the status of a business card of the world of gambling. Thousands of gamblers flock here like bees to the honey. What attracts them the most? Doubtless, luxury halls, craving for entertainment and desire to escape from daily routine incite players to devastate their wallets in order to make a fortune. World-weary people find their consolation in this glowing paradise. The most fashionable casino opens its doors to all fans of gambling games and offers all manners of entertainments.

History of Swiss casino Zurich

Swiss Casino Zürich is built on the initiative of the government of Zurich. The casino became the twentieth gambling institution in Switzerland. An outstanding entertainment center has already increased the annual tourist flow in Zurich.

The absence of a gambling house prompted gamblers went for this purpose to the Grand Baden casino in the neighboring German city of Baden. This had been the reason of establishment Swiss casino Zurich.

The area of Swiss Casino Zürich is 4.5 thousand square meters.  Grand casino Zurich is located in the center of the city. The building of the former department store was rearranged in the greatest gambling house in Zurich. By the large, restoration of the building cost enormous investments. The work was done by a world-famous architectural bureau Steelman Partners, which was the author of the project also.

You will be flattered by the wide choose of games. There are all kinds for every pocket. Visitors can try their luck in about thirty poker tables, Punto Banco, Black Jack and roulette, slot machines. Casino bars, restaurants, a spa and various entertainment facilities are also provided for the regulars of the establishment.

The casino has a certain dress code. When you enter it, the luxury, richness and glitter of diamonds unconditionally immerse you into the world of entertainment and fun. The entrance fee is 10 Swiss francs and is not too expensive for the pleasure you are up to enjoy.

Top -5 popular games in Swiss casino Zürich

Luck hunters permanently come to a casino in order to hit the jackpot. By the way, things aren’t always what they seem. Gamblers often lose their hard-earned money chasing the king’s ransom. Zürich casino offers a wide variety of choice to its visitors and suggests entertaining themselves playing in various games of chance or slot machines.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to win but the process itself brings the pleasure. The desire to try your luck is experienced by everyone. Let’s get acquainted with the best and most popular gambling that the casino offers.

  • Poker is based on a combination of cards which leads the gambler to success. Combinations are ranged from the lowest to the highest. The highest card, pair, two pairs, three, straight, flush, full house, square, straight flush and royal flush. The player who owns the supreme combination takes the prize. There are several versions of poker such as 5-card Dro, 5-Card Stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Razz, Pineapple and 7 Card Stud, etc.
  • During the game a croupier and gambler play between themselves. The dealer distributes two cards to gamester and himself and puts one of his cards face down and the second shirt up. Players take turns trying to collect points as close as possible to 21 but not exceeding it. The player says “more” to get one more card and then waits for the circle to pass.
  • Slot machines. Slot machines allow you play several variedThey stay in high demand of the visitors. The player inserts coins into the machine and either pulls the handle or presses the button. This leads to actuation of the wheels and beginning of the game. There were 3 wheels in old-type automatic machines. The new ones presuppose from 3 to 5 imitation wheels. When the wheels stop, the player’s win depends on the combination of symbols that has fallen out.
  • Playing roulette, gamblers place chips on the playing field on the values where they decided to place their bets. Table layout consists of numbers and has additional fields such as even-odd, red-black, up to 18 after 18 (or small-large), etc. The player is allowed to make a split bet also. The croupier untwists the wheel clockwise, and the ball rolls counterclockwise. The ball lands in a numbered slot on the wheel. All bets that match the winning number win.
  • The second name of Baccarat is Punto Banco. Before starting, players familiarize themselves with three betting options. When all bets are placed, the dealer distributes to gamesters on 2 cards as well as to himself. The values of the cards are added. If more than ten are obtained, ten is discarded. The winning combination must be higher than the rest and gamblers who place the relevant bets win. As a rule, the slip of cards which equals 10 becomes 0 or baccarat.

Why should you visit Swiss casino Zürich

At nightfall, everything gets a touch of magic and Zurich is not an exception.  You will be amazed by the abundance of lights that flashes out before you. Each night in a casino is a miracle among the routine. Handsome men, elegant women and all sorts of elite gather here to demonstrate their riches. Visiting Swiss casino Zurich gives you a shot to taste its magic. Let yourself get rid of routine and enjoy the evening.

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